Sign the Petition to Congress: Prioritize restitutions for COVID families and survivors

We are joining Kristin Urquiza and Marked by COVID to demand restitutions for victims and families who were hit hard by COVID-19.


Due to our government’s purposeful mismanagement of the pandemic, COVID survivors and those that have lost loved ones due to the pandemic have borne a disproportionate emotional, physical, and economic impact, which has exacerbated long-existing inequities. More data emerges every day about the mental and emotional toll of this compounded trauma.


In a recent survey:

  • More than 80% of those harmed by COVID said that they have either sought or think they would benefit from mental health services to process their experiences

  • Native, Black, and Latinx people were about three times more likely to be hospitalized and about twice as likely to die from a COVID-19 infection compared to their white peers.

  • The unemployment rate for Black workers was 3.4 percentage points higher than it was for White workers. The unemployment rate for Hispanic workers was 5.3 percentage points higher than it was for non-Hispanic workers. Hispanic women have borne of the worst economic impacts, experiencing an unemployment rate of over 20% at the peak of the crisis.


Our government must provide restitution or reparations to survivors and families of victims, because the government is accountable for exacerbating these health and financial inequities and ongoing pain and suffering. We must also repay essential workers for their service and sacrifice during the pandemic, because our leaders’ decisions forced them into harm’s way unnecessarily.