Thanks for your RSVP! 

We're excited you'll be joining us on Wednesday, March 9th for our virtual storytelling protest. It will be a powerful event.

The livestream will be hosted on our Youtube page here:

We will send you an email on Wednesday with a link and add you to a calendar invite.

Thank you for raising your voice and joining our virutal protest to demand timely action around global vaccines and pandemic response.

Every single one of our actions is valuable – another pebble on the scale.

Want to add more pebbles? Make a call to Congress! We are galvanizing our networks to call Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Mitt Romney.

Senator Mitch McConnell: (202) 224-2541

Senator Mitt Romney: (202) 224-5251

I am calling in with an urgent request related to COVID-19 global vaccine access and pandemic response. I am urging Senator ___________ to urge Appropriations to fulfill the White House's promises to vaccinate the world and invest in pandemic prevention. Biden's request of $5 billion is nowhere near enough to deliver on his promises. Congress needs to include $17 billion towards global vaccinations in the upcoming supplemental omnibus along with $850 million for a global pandemic fund. With one million dead in America, we can’t move on. Not while there are billions still in line waiting for vaccines and while variants mutate and multiply. Please do all you can to secure the funds we all need, in a March COVID supplemental.

(If you do make a call, let us know by filling out this 
short reporting form!)


Want to get more involved with our organizing? Can you meet with your members of Congress, show up for protests, or attend town hall meetings? Join one of our state teams!

Thank you for being part of the fight.