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R2H Action February All Hands Meeting

All Hands on Deck to Build a Pandemic Free Future!
Featuring Kristin Urquiza with Marked By COVID

Remarks from Sola Adenekan and R2H State Captain Tulika Singh

WEDNESDAY • FEB 24, 2021 • 8:30PM ET | 5:30PM PT

Join Right to Health Action for our first-ever All Hands Meeting on Wednesday, February 24th 2021. During this one-hour event, we will center ourselves in a vision for a pandemic free future and mobilize into powerful action around the People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan.

We are honored to welcome back Kristin Urquiza, co-founder of Marked By COVID, and Deputy Director of Mighty Earth, about harnessing her fear, anger and hopelessness about losing her father to fuel her actions to stop COVID-19, build back better and stop the pandemics of the future. We will also hear fierce stories about leveraging loss into action from award-winning filmmaker Sola Adenekan, as well as R2H Action State Captain Tulika Singh.


We need all hands on deck in order to build a bold movement strong enough to tackle systemic issues of health inequity! We hope you will join us for this critical moment.

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