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Birddogging 101

Learn how to get political candidates and elected officials on the record about health justice issues & policy change.


Pandemic Prevention Plan: How to Win with Sen. Warren and Rep. Khanna

During this training, Right to Health organizers were joined by Senator Elizabeth Warren's staff to demonstrate how grassroots activists can organize a meeting with elected officials to advocate for the People's Pandemic Prevention Plan. The lessons here can be used for any issue. 


Public Health Force Training with Sen. Gillibrand

This live, interactive training featured Senator Gillibrand and her health policy staffer Gil Ruiz, along with representatives from the Public Health Jobs Now! Coalition, Partners in Health and the Center for Popular Democracy. The event focused how to advocate for a bill creating hundreds of thousands of permanent public health jobs in America. 


Conversation with the Biden Campaign

In this training, we learn from the Biden-Harris Campaign about their plan to stop COVID-19, build back better, and prevent the pandemics of the future. At the end, we learn how to help the Biden campaign with remote get out the vote (GOTV) efforts, including voter texting, phone banking, and other activities. 

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Storytelling Workshop

In this workshop, participants learned about using their story to influence policy decisions related to health equity and pandemic preparedness -- to ensure we prevent these tragedies and losses of the future. Through our story sharing, we honor our loved ones and have the power to change the world.

Solo Speakers
Solo Speakers
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Emily Bass Author Talk: To End a Plague

Author Emily Bass and Dr. Joia Mukherjee from Partners in Health come together for an exclusive conversation about Emily’s brand new book, “To End A Plague.'' This book uncovers the movement that ignited in 1998 to successfully repeal global policies that put drug company profits over the lives of the poor, and win life-saving treatment for millions of people with AIDS around the world. 

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A Conversation with Dr. Tom Frieden on Vaccinating the World

Join Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC Director for a discussion on global vaccine equity. Dr. Frieden spoke directly about the current state of play for vaccinating the world, and insights on what is needed to ramp up our efforts to get shots in the arms to people everywhere. 

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An Interview with Dr. Paul Farmer

We deeply mourn the loss of the late Dr. Paul Farmer, who was a pioneer for global health equity and one of our mentors. In this conversation from April 2021, we interview Dr. Farmer on the movement we need to break the accelerating cycle of pandemics.

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Author Talk: Larry Krassner "For the People"

In this low-dollar fundraiser, we team up with Larry Krasner for an exclusive reading of his new book “For the People: A Story of Justice and Power”. Larry Krasner is one the most prominent leaders of a new movement of progressive DAs who are shaking up the system and starting the process of healing with his public health approach to legal reform, harm reduction and mass incarceration.

Web-ins (Virtual Teach-ins)
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Web-in 12: COVID-19: Not Gone, Yet Forgotten

In this Web-in, we amplify the voices that our government has forgotten and shed light on the current and long term consequences of COVID-19 that our government is neglecting - we hear leaders in disability justice, policy modeling for health equity, and community advocacy.​

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Web-in 11: The Campaign for a Global Fund to Pandemic-Proof the Planet

In this Web-in, we dive into our policy vision to prevent future pandemics. We address the question of why such a fund is needed and unpack how this mechanism will dismantle legacies of oppression in global health.

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Web-in 10: Breaking Barriers to Vaccinate Billions

In this Web-in, we learn more about what we can do to ensure millions around the world receive their shot too with leaders from I-MAK, MSF (Doctors without Borders), and Health GAP

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Web-in 9: Climate Justice and Planetary Health - Stopping the Next Pandemic

In this Web-in, we discuss the role of tropical deforestation (the largest cause of emerging disease outbreaks!) in the acceleration of global pandemics, and how to prevent and contain zoonotic spillovers by investing in job training, community healthcare access and health systems strengthening for rainforest communities in zoonotic disease hotspots. 

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Web-in 8: Investing in Communities: Building Trust and Public Health Resilience

In this Web-In, we will discuss the critical role that community health-based and led programs have played both before and during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Web-in 7: Demystifying Health Care for All Americans through the Lens of COVID-19

In this Web-in co-hosted by Physicians for a National Health Program, we explored what the current state of health care is for Americans, how this compares to the Canadian health care system and universal coverage programs around the world, and why we need to fight for health care for all now more than ever - and how.


Web-in 6: Country and Community-led  Responses creating sustainable solutions to a global pandemic

 In this Web-in, we explore a vision where countries stand in solidarity with one another, particularly those who have borne the burden of colonialism and structural racism for generations. Our panelists will unpack what it means for a public health response to be country-owned and community-led. 


Web-in 5: COVID, Climate & Communiyy: Making connections to achieve justice for all

In this Web-in we will use a participatory, community-centered lens to explore how COVID-19 and climate are connected - by learning from a panel of speakers with extensive experience in community mobilization, climate justice, and One Health, and some collaborative breakout rooms.


Web-in 4: Health Worker Organizing: Collective Powers to Tackle this Pandemic and Beyond

In this Web-in, our panelists unpacked the barriers to organizing many  health workers face and share strategies for future collective action. We discussed how health professionals can organize to tackle this pandemic and stop the recurring waves of deadly pandemics that current policies perpetuate.

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Web-in 3: Medicine for the People

In this Right to Health Web-in, we'll unpack why drug prices are so high and what we can do about it. We’ll talk about drug pricing, research & development, as well as the important role of advocacy during this time to ensure that all people have access to the medicine they need. 

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Web-in 2: Racial Capitalism & the COVID-19 Catastrophe

In this Web-in, we hear from academic and social movement leaders to unpack what’s led to the appalling inequalities in COVID-19 outcomes across many social fault lines, but perhaps most glaringly along the lines of race in America.

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Web-in 1: COVID-19 and the Right to Health

In this Web-in, we discuss the COVID-19 and the Right to Health. Now is an opportunity to unify and make sense of this, build relationships, and engage with experts & frontline providers to try to understand what’s happening. We do this so we can work together to craft a more equitable and just reality for all of our futures.

All-Hands Meetings
All-hands meetings
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All-Hands Featuring Jonathan Jennings of Health in Harmony

In this All-Hands Meeting, we hear from Jonathan Jennings, Executive Director of Health in Harmony, as our keynote speaker. Jonathan shares the revolutionary model of community-led planetary solutions that Health in Harmony pioneered, which will be scaled up and replicated around the world through Bill S.2297. 

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All-Hands Featuring Guest Lori Wallach

In this All-Hands meeting, we heard from our keynote speaker, Lori Wallach, with Public Citizen Global Trade Watch to discuss the urgent action needed for global vaccine equity.​ We need all hands on deck to win our plan to stop COVID, build back better and stop the pandemics of the future. To WIN this policy agenda, we need to build a movement that brings together a massive community of people passionate about the same issues.

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All-Hands Featuring Kristin Urquiza

In this All-Hands meeting, we center ourselves in a vision for a pandemic free future and mobilize into powerful action around the People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan. We welcome back Kristin Urquiza, co-founder of Marked By COVID, and Deputy Director of Mighty Earth, about harnessing her fear, anger and hopelessness about losing her father to fuel her actions to stop COVID-19, build back better and stop the pandemics of the future.


Pandemic Prevention Town Hall

In this Town Hall, our distinguished speakers briefed the media on a set of recommendations made by 1,500+ health professionals and experts urging Joe Biden to adopt a set of policies to stop the crisis now, build back a better world, and prevent the pandemics of the future. Speakers will also comment on the state of COVID-4 negotiations underway in Congress.

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Virtual Protest with COVID-19 activism leaders

 Just before the second anniversary of COVID, prominent COVID movement leaders protested the collapse of a bipartisan COVID supplemental relief deal in Congress, and demanded action to fund global vaccinations and to prevent future pandemics. ​With hundreds of supporters viewing, the activists recorded emotional quotes and analysis from leaders personally impacted by COVID

Special events
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