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  • Birddogging Action Page | R2H Action

    Training Resources Platform Birddog Sample Videos Event Finder Sample Questions Learn how to get political candidates and elected officials on the record about health justice policy changes - and get involved! Training Resources: BIRDDOGGING 101 GUIDE R2H Action+Allies Midterm Requests: Click here to view this policy platform in your browser Birddoggers in Action! Candidate Roillins and Rep. Swallwell (both Ds, CA) Rep. Elect Gabe Vasquez (D, NM) birddog Scroll right to search for candidate events in 30 states Midterm Birddog Event Finder Click here to view this event finder spreadsheet in a new window Sample Birddog Questions Click here to view these questions in a browser window

  • Right to Health Web-In | Home

    R2HA + Marked By COVID published by Democracy Journal decrying impact of World Bank's colonial, racial bias against our new global pandemic fund READ ARTICLE Página Principal Sobre Nosotros POLICY PLATFORM Plan de Prevención Web-Ins MEDIA Únete a nosotros STORE DONATE Únete a nosotros Copy of Únete a nosotros Search Results MISSION: Somos un movimiento de base de miles de expertos, trabajadores de salud y activistas en los 50 estados. Desencadenado por la pandemia de Coronavirus 2019, nuestro objetivo es tomar medidas para derogar y reemplazar las políticas mortales que causan ciclos de pandemias que impactan desproporcionadamente a los ya pobres y enfermos. También organizamos clases dinámicas en línea ("web-ins") que reúnen a activistas, profesionales y académicos para discutir cuestiones urgentes de salud y derechos humanos. Por último, capacitamos a líderes de organización de base para movilizar a sus comunidades para la acción compartida. LEARN MORE JOIN US: We are tens of thousands of activists, COVID survivors, people who have lost loved ones, scientists, health workers, students and youth, global health veterans, and environmental activists. We are always seeking new people to join our movement! Interested in getting involved? Let us know! GET INVOLVED IMPACTO LEARN MORE JOIN US IMPACTO READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE VIEW ALL PRESS VOLUNTARIOS R2H

  • DONATE | R2H Action

    ORGANIZING TO PANDEMIC-PROOF THE PLANET. Climate change and globalization are making pandemics come faster and get worse. ​ Help us leverage real change, like a crowbar in the cracks of the systems exposed by COVID. YOUR DONATION IMPACT $28 Covers the cost of sending 25,000 petitions demanding action for COVID-19 $99 Funds a training on how to "birddog" politicians in the midterms, putting them on the spot with COVID stories and demands for action $700 One local direct action to protest almost seven million COVID deaths worldwide $46 Staff time costs of getting together one MOC meeting with constituents $350 Pays 1/2 cost for supplies, permits and sometimes bail for one of the in-person direct actions we organize around the country $1000 Covers a stipend for one of our State Captains and Regional Organizers, who organize hundreds of meetings with elected officials every month

  • Join the Right to Health Action team!

    Thank you for your interest in getting involved with Right to Health Action! We are a dynamic team of activists and organizers from around the country working to advance our campaign for global health equity and pandemic preparedness. We are looking for more dedicated people to join our team! ​ Read about all of the open roles available, and indicate your interest on our Join Us form . A member from our team will reach out to you soon about next steps! We can't wait to hear from you. We are a volunteer-run organization, and at this time all roles are unpaid. Join the R2H Action team! Apply to be a State Captain State Captains play the vital role of organizing a team of in-state constituents to meet with their representatives, spearheading direct actions and training events, and cultivating key local partnerships. They are the powerhouse of our grassroots base! Average: 10 hours / week. ​ Main Objectives of State Captains: ​ Organize a consistent team of at least 10 people in each region/state from our lists and from personal networks, prioritizing people who were directly impacted by COVID. Build a roster of folks in each Congressional district that can be tapped for MoC meetings, using both our lists and personal networks. R2H will be able to provide a short list of warm leads from our database of folks that have COVID stories. Identify strategic partners with high political capital whose interests overlap with any of our legislative goals in order to work in coalition and increase political power. Employ strategic escalation tactics as needed including, but not limited to: writing and placing LTEs, birddogging, direct actions, civil disobedience etc. Learn more about the State Captain role in our Scope of Work and fill out an application form here. Questions can be sent to . Please note: The State Captain role is the only position that requires an application. APPLY HERE Be a Regional Organizer Main Objectives of Regional Organizers: ​ Support State Captains and their State Teams with Core Team strategy and direction Train and support State Captains and State Teams with necessary organizing/advocacy skills Provide technical assistance for meetings with members of Congress and other political actions to influence Congressional offices so they accept our demands. Backstop the Congressional meetings as needed Serve as main mechanism for feedback to travel from State Teams to the Organizing Team Leads and vice versa 10-15 hours/week Learn more about the Regional Organizer role in our Scope of Work. Questions can be sent to . LEARN MORE APPLY HERE Join the Events Team Main Objectives of Events Team: ​ Collaborate both internally and externally to develop and execute events that further Right to Health Action’s policy agenda by expanding our network, educating activists and organizers, and strengthening strategic connections. Past events can be found here. Support promotion and communications of events Facilitate speaker outreach, and communications Provide technological support for online events and support core event planning ​ Read more about the role in our Events Team Scope of Work. Contact with questions. LEARN MORE APPLY HERE Be a Policy Advisor Main Objectives of Policy Advisors: ​ Build our policy platform, in consultation with allies—and represent our demands with policy makers and our numerous movement coalitions! 10 hours a week, including all-team, policy team, MOC and (one of our) regular coalition meetings Support the development and implementation of R2HA strategic advocacy, undertaking the necessary policy and political work to achieve progress on R2HA’s 5 tent poles. Contribute to the identification, analysis, and strategic positioning on policies and practices of key stakeholders at the national and international levels relevant to R2HA’s priorities—and brainstorming/creating opportunities to improve them. Coordinate closely with the Community Organizing and Events teams to coalesce R2HA’s advocacy and political education objectives with the Policy Team’s current goals. ​ Learn more about the Policy Advisor role in our Scope of Work. Questions can be sent to pranav.savanur LEARN MORE APPLY HERE Join the Communications Team Main Objectives of the Communications Team: ​ Promote Right to Health Action activities, campaigns, and updates to the wider network via email marketing, social media, and our website Create compelling visual and written content related to Right to Health Action’s campaign for health equity, communicating our policy and organizing efforts and successes Amplify our message and campaign through writing press releases, media advisories, and cultivating relationships with editors Maintain an active social media presence, post regular content, foster engagement to grow our online community Learn more about the Communications & Media team in our Scope of Work. Questions can be sent to . LEARN MORE APPLY HERE Join the Fundraising Team ​ Main Objectives of the Fundraising Team: ​ Collaborate both internally and externally to develop and execute fundraising campaigns/events, strengthen relationships with potential funders Research grant applications and like-minded organizations to connect to raise funds Develop impact statements and spearhead stewardship and acknowledgement of donors Strengthen relationships with organizations and potential funders in the global health equity and climate justice space to cultivate good working relationships Learn more about the Fundraising team in our Scope of Work. Questions can be sent to LEARN MORE APPLY HERE Fill out the Right to Health Action "JOIN US" form and indicate your areas of interest. A team member will reach out with next steps soon! JOIN US Want to join the team?

  • Warren/Khanna 4P Letter | R2H Action

    Majority of Democratic Caucus Support Warren, Khanna, R2H Action Pandemic Prevention Plan: 141 CO-SPONSORS Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7

  • Petitions | R2H Action

    ONGOING PETITIONS 12 Enact a plan to combat COVID-19 and prevent future pandemics VIEW & SIGN 11 Joe Biden and Congress must stop deforestation in order to prevent the next pandemic* VIEW & SIGN 10 Demand Congress enact People's Pandemic Prevention Plan! VIEW & SIGN 09 Healthcare Workers Letter to Biden* VIEW & SIGN PAST PETITIONS 08 Congress must act to prevent pandemics by supporting a new global fund for pandemics VIEW 07 Tell President Biden why he should stand up to Big Pharma and #FreeTheVaccine VIEW 06 Demand Congress enact the People's Pandemic Prevention Plan VIEW & SIGN 05 Urge your senators to pandemic proof the planet VIEW & SIGN 04 Enact a plan to combat COVID-19 and prevent future pandemics VIEW & SIGN 03 Tell White House: US inaction is enabling COVID-19 variants to spread VIEW & SIGN 02 Urge President-elect Biden to fight for global access to affordable COVID-19 vaccines globally in his first 100 days VIEW & SIGN 01 Sign: We need to vaccinate the world VIEW & SIGN

  • Plan de Prevención | R2H Action

    Plan de prevención de pandemias populares El Congreso aprobará varios proyectos de ley relacionados con COVID-19 en esta sesión y la siguiente. Únase a nosotros y exija que estos proyectos de ley incluyan medidas para un Plan de Prevención de Pandemias nuevo y audaz: uno que detenga este brote, apoye una recuperación justa y tome las medidas internacionales necesarias para evitar que ocurran futuras pandemias. El próximo presidente de los Estados Unidos también debe adoptar un plan integral a la altura del momento. Donald Trump desea que el COVID-19 desaparezca mientras el país arde, e incluso el plan de Joe Biden tiene grandes vacíos que debemos estar organizando para llenar. La pandemia de COVID-19 está devastando a las personas pobres y marginadas en los Estados Unidos y en todo el mundo. La globalización empresarial y el cambio climático están provocando cada vez más pandemias y seguirán llegando cada vez más rápido. Algunos serán más contagiosos, otros serán más mortales. Algunos serán ambos. No tiene por qué ser así. No podemos detener el problema solo en Estados Unidos. Tampoco podemos hacerlo sin abordar las políticas de desigualdad y explotación que nos metieron en este lío; este momento exige una acción que responda a la escala del desafío. Insistimos en que el Congreso y el próximo presidente brinden alivio inmediato de COVID-19 y creen un cambio estructural duradero para prevenir futuras emergencias por pandemias. Nosotros demandamos: Una fuerza laboral de salud pública permanente de Community Care Corp, que crea cientos de miles de empleos sindicales permanentes para detener el COVID-19 y proteger la salud pública. Una garantía de medicamentos y vacunas asequibles que se necesitan con urgencia para todos, en todas partes, en lugar de medicamentos de alto precio ocultos detrás de las barreras del monopolio de patentes; y Los países ricos deben proporcionar fondos para los sistemas de salud y el apoyo comunitario en los países de ingresos bajos y medios para detener las pandemias donde comienzan y antes de que se propaguen. Acción para la transmisión zoonótica de puntos calientes globales donde las enfermedades pasan de los animales a los humanos, y una prohibición de las corporaciones irresponsables que venden productos de deforestación en los EE. UU. ¡Necesitamos todas las manos! ¡Juntos podemos ganar! Vaccine Equity News 1. Historic Global Fund for Pandemics launch 2.WHO and MPP announce agreement with NIH for COVID-19 health technologies 3. 170 Groups Call on WHO to reject TRIPS waiver non-deal 4. 223 NGOs Open Letter to Trade Ministers at WTO 5. 250+ public health, human rights, and consumer organizations call on governments to bypass WTO's prioritization of pharmaceutical monopolies over human lives Plan de prevención de pandemias populares Hear from Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC Director, and Chris Noble on the R2H Organizing team about the current state of play for vaccinating the world and what is needed to ramp up our efforts to get shots in the arms to people everywhere. INVOLUCRARSE We convened the experts for a teach-in on vaccine equity and what needs to happen to ensure we can vaccinate EVERYONE as soon as possible, not just people in wealthy countries. Hear from our panelists: ​ Priti Radha Krishtel , a health justice lawyer and co-founder of I-MAK, a non-profit building a more just and equitable medicines system. Leena Menghaney , an activist with Medicine Sans Fronteir’s Access Campaign based in India (Otherwise known as Doctors Without Borders) Matthew Rose , a longstanding HIV and social justice advocate, policy wonk, and Director of U.S. Policy & Advocacy at Health GAP INVOLUCRARSE [WATCH] Should Rich Countries Be Obligated to Share Their Vaccines? Listen to our upcoming panelist Priti Krishtel speak with Hari Sreenivasan about the need to rethink how patents are regulated. While the COVID-19 vaccine is readily available in the U.S., the UK and Israel, experts are saying that most of Africa and parts of South America and Asia will wait until 2023 for its inoculations. Health inequality was badly exposed during this pandemic, but Priti Krishtel says it doesn't have to be this way. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge . INVOLUCRARSE [ARGUMENT] Tackling Pandemics Means Relearning the Lessons of Fighting HIV By Ethan Guillen and Emily Bass, R2H Action READ [WEBSITE] Prevent Epidemics provides clear and concise country-level data on epidemic preparedness Dr. Tom Frieden, President & CEO VISIT [PODCAST ] Is Racism Shaping the Global Vaccine Response? With Priti Krishtel, Tahir Amin and Asia Russell LISTEN [EDITORIAL] Suspend intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines By Priti Krishtel READ [ARTICLE] First, the Waiver. Next, let’s Vaccinate the World. By Peter Maybarduk READ [REPORT] Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Hit Globally: A Model for Global Vaccine Access Prepared by PrEP4All READ [ARGUMENT] End the Pandemic Faster by Listening to Developing Countries By Ethan Guillen, R2H Action READ [OPINION] US Support for Vaccine Waiver Welcome, but More Needed By Jomo Kwame Sundaram READ [ARTICLE] The COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver Fight Is Far From Over By Daniel Marans READ

  • Sobre Nosotros | R2H Action

    SOBRE NOSOTROS Hear from our team of activists! Want to get involved? JOIN US VIEW 2-YEAR IMPACT REPORT THE TEAM The majority of our members are people of color and from communities most affected by COVID-19. Our 2 0 person core team makes our decisions, together. Snigdha Allaparthi (she/her) Regional Organizer (California) Fourth year undergraduate student studying Neurobiology and Toxicology at UC Berkeley. She is an active member of her local PIHE Chapter at UC Berkeley, where she teaches local high school and fellow college students about the importance of public health and health equity. She also helps run Splash at Berkeley, an organization that pushes for educational equity opportunities across the Bay Area for high school students. Emma Baah-Binney* (she/her) R2H Board President, State Captain (OH) Medical Sciences degree with a minor in French and a Global Health Studies certificate. Originally from Accra, Ghana, she has experienced the effects of health inequity and is interested in global health and working to ensure affordable accessible healthcare for all. She currently volunteers with Crossroad Health Center a clinic that serves the underrepresented population of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH. Vidya Babu (she/her) Communications Team Student in biology and anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is involved in neuroimmunology and computational biology research, undergraduate student publications, as well as community health education. Chicago, IL. Giovanna Braganza, MPH State Captain (NY) Health policy and research professional working to address health disparities such as food insecurity, health care coverage and access in New York State. She has past experience in community organizing through GlobeMed and Doctors for Camp Closure (D4CC). She earned her Masters of Public Health at the SUNY Downstate School of Public Health. Giovanna’s passion for global vaccine equity and advocacy for essential workers is in memory of her father who was killed by COVID-19 in April 2020. Aaron Chang (he/him) Fundraising Team Medical device entrepreneur who loves reading, running, and basketball. Paul Davis § (he/him) Policy Director Co-led grassroots and legislative campaigns that won >99% reductions in HIV drug prices for impoverished countries, and got life-saving medicines to 26 million people with HIV worldwide (so far); helped organize a 150+ city nationwide birddog/civil disobedience movement to save the ACA, oppose Trump tax cuts, and strike at other post-2016 flashpoints. Alumni of ACT UP, PIH, UAEM, KEI, Doctors for America, Seattle Tenants Union, co-founded Health GAP and Birddog Nation. Baltimore, MD Ashwini Deshpande (she/her) Events Team Student studying Biology, Economics & Spanish at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has worked extensively in the nonprofit sector and focuses on community-based research and education, economics and engagement, and is organizing to realize the universal right to healthcare. Chicago, IL. Analie Fernandes (she/her) State Captain (IN) Student pursuing a political science and pre-health degree at the University of Notre Dame. She has a background in organizing and advocacy through her involvement with PIH Engage and GlobeMed. She is passionate about public health, and dedicated to the fight to establish equitable access to healthcare. In her free time she loves to read and hike. South Bend, IN. Leah Jo Figueroa Carnine, PA (she/her) State Captain (OR) Community organizer and primary care PA, recently moved to her hometown of Eugene to practice medicine after being part of migrant and racial justice organizing in the Southwest for over a decade, and helping build a base of white people taking action for racial justice with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). She’s been fortunate to be part of integrating queer and trans health, harm reduction and an anti-oppression framework into her community health work, and trauma informed learning into medicine and liberation work. She’s passionate about the intersections of transformative health care and collective liberation. Ali Greenberg, MSPH* (she/her) Team Co-Coordinator Medical student organizing to integrate social justice into curriculum with White Coats for Black Lives. She has worked in grassroots organizing for access to healthcare and medicines for all since 2011. She was the Advocacy & Campaigns Officer for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and now sits on UAEM's Executive Committee and works locally with SNaHP. She was on the Steering Committee for Right Care Alliance and has interned for Socially Responsible Surgery, the International Vaccine Access Center, and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative. New York City, NY Leslye Heilig, MD (she/her) Policy Team Volunteer advocacy leader and mentor with Together Women Rise and RESULTS. She studied at Princeton University and Harvard Medical School and did her pediatric residency at University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital. She practiced general pediatrics in rural communities in New England for 30 years and since retiring has been an active volunteer promoting global gender equality, human rights, and global health equity through multiple organizations including RESULTS, Together Women Rise (previously called Dining for Women), CARE, Oxfam. Abby Heller (she/her) State Captain (NJ) Lab manager in an autism and muscular dystrophy research lab at Child Health Institute of New Jersey. She likes to play guitar, cook, run, and do puzzles -- and campaign for global justice. Meghna Kaul, MPH § (She/her) State Captain (CO) Recent MPH Health Policy graduate from George Washington University. Driven to action by the experiences of my family and loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am passionate about reducing disparities and inequities in healthcare, as well as mitigating environmental factors which affect our health. I believe in a holistic approach to health, including addressing social determinants of health, emphasizing health education and preventive care, and integrative medicine. In my free time I like to hike around the Foothills near Boulder, play my ukulele, explore museums, try out new recipes and recently have been dabbling in weightlifting. Jennifer M. Koo (she/her) State Captain (CT) Fights oppression as a RESULTS Anti-Poverty Leader. Jennn-with-three-Ns strives to center health equity, racial justice, sustainability, disability accessibility/inclusion, and creativity in all her endeavors. She uses her voice (through research, narrative, & public policy) to dismantle racially-rooted health disparities and navigate the social determinants of health. To stay balanced, Jennn runs, hikes, gardens, meditates, & keeps a gratitude journal! Andrew Lewis (he/him) State Captain (CA) Son of a Peruvian immigrant who has led a range of social impact campaigns across Los Angeles County and California, focusing on housing, the environment, and labor rights. Active with AFSCME 3299, Los Angeles Tenants Union, ACCE. Los Angeles, CA Maureen Luba She/her Maureen Luba is a global health advocate from Malawi with more than 10 years’ experience in HIV advocacy. She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Global Health Delivery at Harvard Medical School. Harnoor Mann* (she/her) State Captain (OH) Student in Journalism and Medical Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. She has focused her reporting on the intersection of grassroots movements and human rights advocacy including organizing efforts with the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, youth-led Latinx groups and BLM Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH. Lauren McCormick (she/her) Events Team Lead Postbaccalaureate IRTA Fellow at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Human Immunology and vaccine research. Organized as Team Coordinator for UNC-Chapel Hill PIH Engage, and working with the Fund for Global Health as an Advocacy Fellow. She was previously involved in anthropological research regarding water, sanitation, and hygiene in Jharkhand, India. Washington, DC Erika McKibben (she/her) State Captain (GA) Outreach and Engagement Co-Team Lead Community Advocate in Georgia wanting to be the voice for her community making sure there is equity and equality in underserved communities regarding health care. Her passion for advocacy work has span about 10 years working with victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault both as a Civilian and as a Military Contractor. After graduating from High School, she served in both U.S.Navy and U.S. Army. She has an Undergraduate and master's degree in Criminal Justice as well as a proud Disabled Veteran. She is an active member of the Child Fatality Review Board/MDT and Clayton County Task Force. She was chosen as a Georiga Obama Fellow to assist with re-election for president, worked as a Pollworker in GA for both recounts, and worked on Sen. Osoff campaign to get people registered to vote as well as support his political views. The death of her father from COVID-19 on April 7, 2020 has made Erika even more passionate, fighting to make sure another deadly pandemic does not take more lives. Utkarsh Mehta (he/him) State Captain (WA) Contact Congress team at Rebuilding Alliance. NorCal team at RESULTS. Undergraduate student from India. Lobby Action Alumni at Today's Student Coalition. Lobby alum at Friends Committee on National Legislation. Advocacy Team Lead at #IndiaCovidSOS. Hyderabad, India/Sacramento, CA Catherine Myers (she/her) State Captain (ME) Senior at the University of Connecticut studying Allied Health Sciences and Spanish. She has been involved with the PIH Engage team at UConn where she is currently a co-team coordinator. She loves to hike, advocate for change, run, drink coffee, organize for justice and travel. Storrs, CT Chris Noble § (he/him) Organizing Co-Lead Regional Organizer (New England) Public Health Policy and Community Organizer. Former community fellow for Marshall Ganz Leadership, Organizing and Action Program at Harvard Kennedy School and community organizer with Health Care For All, Right Care Alliance, MassCare, Universities Allied For Essential Medicines, Partners in Health Engage, and the 100 Campaign. Has worked in Latin America, East and Southern Africa on health system implementation science with Partners in Health and Harvard Medical School. Called to health justice advocacy from a personal diagnosis of type one diabetes as a child and understanding first hand the importance of fighting for health care as a human right guaranteed to all. Steadily giving big pharma hell from Cambridge, MA. Dom Oddo § (he/him) Regional Organizer (Southwest) Graduate student at the University of New Mexico in the Astrophysics PhD program, and serves as state captain for both New Mexico and Arizona. Although he does scientific research by trade, he is dedicated to the realization of the universal right to health. Albuquerque, NM. Johain Ounadjela* (he/him) Regional Organizer (Northwest) Works in genomics research at the Broad Institute with a particular focus on decoding the human placenta, the least understood organ in the body, with the ultimate desire to improve maternal health outcomes and understand more about pregnancy. He seeks to investigate global health disparities through the lens of biomedical research and clinical work, and is a part of PIH Engage Boston as well as a volunteer at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Krishna Prabhu, MD, MSc (he/him) State Captain (MN) Dr. Krishna Prabhu is an internal medicine physician. He has been a frontline healthcare worker from the beginning of the COVID pandemic, caring for hospitalized and critically ill patients. He earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and his Master's degree in Social Policy from the University of Oxford. He has been a global health activist for over a decade and serves as State Captain for Minnesota for Right to Health Action. * denotes leadership on the Right to Health Action Board § = Staff or Fellow

  • 120 MOCs Call for Action | R2H Action

    Majority of House Majority Endorse Bipartisan Letter Calling for Historic New Global Fund for Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention: Connolly + Fitzpatrick • 120 CO-SPONSORS

  • Direct Actions | R2H Action

    DIRECT ACTIONS Upcoming actions Birddogging Training and Campaign Actions Past actions MORE INFO MORE INFO MORE INFO MORE INFO

  • Plan de Prevención | R2H Action

    TAKE ACTION COVID-19 is devastating poor and marginalized people in the U.S and across the globe. Corporate globalization and climate change are dramatically accelerating the frequency of new pandemics. Some will be more contagious. Some will be more deadly. Some will be both. It doesn’t have to be this way. We're organizing to tackle the policies of inequality and exploitation that got us in this mess; this moment demands action that meets the scale of the challenge. Sign a petition SEE ALL PETITIONS Direct Action SEE ALL ACTIONS Volunteer with Our Team SEE TEAM ROLES Share your COVID Story STORY SUBMISSION Petition to Congress: Prioritize restitutions to COVID families and survivors "Birddog" your local election candidate to make them commit to health equity solutions Sign up for our mailing list for upcoming opportunities, actions and policy wins Submit your story Petition: Joe Biden and Congress must stop deforestation to prevent the next pandemic See our past direct actions Sign up to join a one meeting a month with your local member of Congress See our past events with COVID-19 storytellers

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