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Climate Justice and Planetary Health:

Stopping the Next Pandemic

Right to Health Action Web-In #9

SUNDAY • APRIL 11, 2021 • 4:00PM ET | 1:00PM PT

In our 9th Right to Health Web-in: “Climate Justice & Planetary Health: Stopping the Next Pandemic”. During this interactive event, we discussed the role of tropical deforestation (the largest cause of emerging disease outbreaks!) in the acceleration of global pandemics, and how to prevent and contain zoonotic spillovers by investing in job training, community healthcare access and health systems strengthening for rainforest communities in zoonotic disease hotspots. 

We are so excited to be joined by our brilliant panelists:

  • Marcelo Salazar PhD, Executive Coordinator of Health in Harmony (HIH) in Brazil

  • Glenn Hurowitz, CEO, Mighty Earth

Marcelo Salazar is the executive coordinator of Health In Harmony (HIH) in Brazil, an advisor for Forest Economy and member of the Council of Instituto Socioambiental (ISA). Health in Harmony-Brazil, endeavors to strengthen indigenous and riverine communities in the Amazon Rainforest, reducing deforestation by improving the healthcare of these communities. ISA is a Brazilian NGO focused on integrated solutions to social and environmental problems. Marcelo is a Brazilian industrial engineer (UFSCar) and has been working with traditional Amazon communities for over 20 years to support their sustainable development and protect their rights. He lives with his family in Altamira, Para state, on the banks of the Xingu River.

Glenn Hurowitz is the CEO of Mighty Earth, and has led environmental campaigns around the world for many years. He is a globally recognized leader on forests, agriculture, and climate change, and running strategic campaigns.

Glenn previously served as Chair of the Forest Heroes campaign, where he successfully secured strict No Deforestation policies from the world’s largest agribusinesses, including companies that cover 90% of global palm oil trade and, more recently, two of the world’s largest soy traders. As a result of this work, he and his colleagues at Forest Heroes won the Benny Award from the Business Ethics Network for their successes in transforming global agriculture. He co-founded Chain Reaction Research, which provides major financial institutions with in-depth risk analysis of companies’ sustainability risk.

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