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R2H Action All Hands Meeting

Featuring Jonathan Jennings, Health in Harmony
WED • OCT 13, 2021 • 8:30PM ET | 5:30PM PT

It's All Hands on Deck to Build a Pandemic Free Future!

We have a historic opportunity to vaccinate the world, prevent new COVID-19 variants, and pandemic-proof the planet through the International Pandemic Preparedness and COVID-19 Response Act (S.2297) and we are galvanizing our activist network to get it passed! 

We heard from Jonthan Jennings, Executive Director of Health in Harmony, as our keynote speaker. Jonathan shared about the revolutionary model of community-led planetary solutions that Health in Harmony pioneered, which will be scaled up and replicated around the world through S.2297. 


We need all hands on deck to pass this legislation and garner support for dismantling our current reactionary pandemic policies in favor of prevention. 

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