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Thank you for your interest in getting involved with Right to Health Action! We are a dynamic team of activists and organizers from around the country working to advance our campaign for global health equity and pandemic preparedness.  We are looking for more dedicated people to join our team!

Read about all of the open roles available, and indicate your interest on our Join Us form. A member from our team will reach out to you soon about next steps! We can't wait to hear from you. We are a volunteer-run organization, and at this time all roles are unpaid. 

Join the R2H Action team!
Apply to be a State Captain

State Captains play the vital role of organizing a team of in-state constituents to meet with their representatives, spearheading direct actions and training events, and cultivating key local partnerships. They are the powerhouse of our grassroots base! Average: 10 hours / week.

Main Objectives of State Captains:

  • Organize a consistent team of at least 10 people in each region/state from our lists and from personal networks, prioritizing people who were directly impacted by COVID. 

  • Build a roster of folks in each Congressional district that can be tapped for MoC meetings, using both our lists and personal networks. R2H will be able to provide a short list of warm leads from our database of folks that have COVID stories. 

  • Identify strategic partners with high political capital whose interests overlap with any of our legislative goals in order to work in coalition and increase political power.

  • Employ strategic escalation tactics as needed including, but not limited to: writing and placing LTEs, birddogging, direct actions, civil disobedience etc.


Learn more about the State Captain role in our Scope of Work and fill out an application form here. Questions can be sent to


Please note: The State Captain role is the only position that requires an application.

Be a Regional Organizer

Main Objectives of Regional Organizers:

  • Support State Captains and their State Teams with Core Team strategy and direction

  • Train and support State Captains and State Teams with necessary organizing/advocacy skills

  • Provide technical assistance for meetings with members of Congress and other political actions to influence Congressional offices so they accept our demands. Backstop the Congressional meetings as needed

  • Serve as main mechanism for feedback to travel from State Teams to the Organizing Team Leads and vice versa

  • 10-15 hours/week


Learn more about the Regional Organizer role in our Scope of Work.


Questions can be sent to

Join the Events Team

Main Objectives of Events Team:

  • Collaborate both internally and externally to develop and execute events that further Right to Health Action’s policy agenda by expanding our network, educating activists and organizers, and strengthening strategic connections. Past events can be found here.

  • Support promotion and communications of events

  • Facilitate speaker outreach, and communications

  • Provide technological support for online events and support core event planning

Read more about the role in our Events Team Scope of Work.


Contact with questions.

Be a Policy Advisor

Main Objectives of Policy Advisors:

  • Build our policy platform, in consultation with allies—and represent our demands with policy makers and our numerous movement coalitions! 10 hours a week, including all-team, policy team, MOC and (one of our) regular coalition meetings

  • Support the development and implementation of R2HA strategic advocacy, undertaking the necessary policy and political work to achieve progress on R2HA’s 5 tent poles. 

  • Contribute to the identification, analysis, and strategic positioning on policies and practices of key stakeholders at the national and international levels relevant to R2HA’s priorities—and brainstorming/creating opportunities to improve them.

  • Coordinate closely with the Community Organizing and Events teams to coalesce R2HA’s advocacy and political education objectives with the Policy Team’s current goals. 

Learn more about the Policy Advisor role in our Scope of Work.


Questions can be sent to

Join the Communications Team

Main Objectives of the Communications Team:

  • Promote Right to Health Action activities, campaigns, and updates to the wider network via email marketing, social media, and our website 

  • Create compelling visual and written content related to Right to Health Action’s campaign for health equity, communicating our policy and organizing efforts and successes 

  • Amplify our message and campaign through writing press releases, media advisories, and cultivating relationships with editors 

  • Maintain an active social media presence, post regular content, foster engagement to grow our online community


Learn more about the Communications & Media team in our Scope of Work.


Questions can be sent to

Join the Fundraising Team

Main Objectives of the Fundraising Team:

  • Collaborate both internally and externally to develop and execute fundraising campaigns/events, strengthen relationships with potential funders

  • Research grant applications and like-minded organizations to connect to raise funds

  • Develop impact statements and spearhead stewardship and acknowledgement of donors

  • Strengthen relationships with organizations and potential funders in the global health equity and climate justice space to cultivate good working relationships


Learn more about the Fundraising team in our Scope of Work.


Questions can be sent to 

Fill out the Right to Health Action "JOIN US" form and indicate your areas of interest. A team member will reach out with next steps soon!

Want to join the team?
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