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Right to Health Rundown - July 2021 

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This is the very first issue of the R2H Rundown, a newsletter where you’ll hear all about what we’ve been up to and what’s yet to come. The past year has been action packed: we’ve been lobbying, fundraising, and hosting some amazing events. We can’t wait to share exciting updates with you!

-Akshita, Ali, & Caroline

R2H Team Co-Coordinators

Join our Team!

Right to Health Action is recruiting for State Captains.

If you are interested in organizing at the intersections public health and climate justice, and have a desire to raise a little hell in Congress, then we want you on our team!

State Captains play the vital role of organizing a team of in-state constituents to meet with their representatives, spearheading direct actions and training events, and cultivating key local partnerships. They are the powerhouse of our grassroots base!

Learn more about the role and submit your application on our website!

Policy Priorities

Since we began, Right to Health Action has hosted over 1,000 lobby meetings with Congressional offices, calling for investments in pandemic preparedness and advocating for a global pandemic prevention fund. We focus on disease outbreak containment and pandemic prevention by addressing deforestation, zoonotic spillover detection, and more!

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Our current priorities & accomplishments:

  • We recruited 120 members of Congress on a bipartisan letter calling for $2 billion for a new global pandemic prevention fund. However, the recent Biden budget request was only $250 million. This is simply not enough, and the fight continues.

  • Currently, we’re also lobbying for the NOVID Act, which asks for $34 million to scale up global vaccination manufacturing and supply.

  • We mobilized thousands of activists to send letters to President Biden in support of the TRIPS Waiver and co-sponsored in person direct action protests outside of Moderna and Pfizer headquarters this spring. 

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Shoutout to our amazing team of Regional Organizers, State Captains, and state team members who helped make this happen. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting movement, be sure to check out our State Captain application and join our team!

Vaccine Equity

We've assembled a "resource hub" of information related to vaccine equity and access. There are articles, websites, videos, and more to further your knowledge on this issue. Visit our website to learn more!

[ARGUMENT] End the Pandemic Faster by Listening to Developing Countries

[EDITORIAL] Suspend intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines

[VIDEO] Should Rich Countries Be Obligated to Share Their Vaccines?

Fundraising Update

Celebrations are in order… For the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration, Right to Health Action led a 100K in 100 Days fundraising campaign. We want to give a huge shout out to our 533 donors - because of your help, we were able to raise over $110,000! This campaign helped us build people power across the country, allowed us to hire paid staff to support our organizing efforts, and provided critical resources to sustain and grow our team at this urgent moment in history.

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You can still contribute to our campaign! Every dollar directly funds the organizers across the country who are at the very heart of this work.

Activist Highlights

One thing is certain—everything we accomplish is due to our incredible team of activists. We're so excited to share more about our team through “R2H Activist Highlights” to recognize these amazing people!


Tulika Singh has a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins and a PhD in virology and vaccinology from Duke University - we’re very excited for her as she begins her Postdoc at Stanford University!


In addition to being our Fundraising Lead, Tulika works hard with R2H on the policy team to advocate for global access to medicines and pandemic prevention. Not to mention, she was also a leader of our successful 100K in 100Days fundraising campaign! We are so thankful for Tulika’s dedication and leadership at R2H. 

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Sara is the Pennsylvania State Captain, a member of the policy team, our resident story-teller, and a proud stay-at-home mom of 5 children. Sara honors the memory of her father who passed from COVID-19 by sharing his story at meetings with members of Congress. She also plays an important role in ensuring that the voices of those directly affected by coronavirus are uplifted front and center in everything that R2H does.


Thank you, Sara, for everything you contribute to our team!

Thank you for being part of the Right to Health Action movement

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