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Billions of people have waited for years to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, while the entire world remains at risk of COVID-19 variants like Delta and Omicron —and whatever will come next.

The pandemic is not waning. We can't let up. We can't wait.

Please sign this petition calling on Joe Biden to take action. We need a plan to vaccinate the world. 


The IMF published that $50 billion to vaccinate the world will create $9 TRILLION in savings by 2025 — a 267% return on investment almost immediately.


Please join this call for action urging the Biden Administration to ensure there are enough vaccines to solve this global crisis. We need to:

1) Accelerate and intensify negotiations with pharmaceutical companies to share critical COVID-19 vaccine information and technologies with additional manufacturers at home and abroad—or risk losing their government-granted and taxpayer funded patent monopolies.

2) Break the supply chokepoints with substantial investments to scale up manufacturing capacity both domestically and globally in regional manufacturing hubs to meet the world’s vaccine needs within a year.

Joe Biden is taking strong steps to vaccinate the world, but we need the President and Congress to step up and do more. 

Read our full experts open letter to President Biden here

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